HOPE in Sri Lanka - Following the disastrous Tsunami in Sri Lanka this website supports the work of HOPE a registered charity that is Helping Overcome Painful Emotions by working with Tsunami Orphans and other children affected by tragedy

Helping Overcome Painful Emotions


Helping Overcome Painful Emotions in Sri Lanka

Hope in Sri Lanka supports orphanages, neglected, abandoned and orphaned children in Sri Lanka. - They rely entirely on donations to provide help in housing, feeding and caring for children and care mothers.

Hope in Sri Lanka is a charity set up by Pam and Keith Pollen to bring emotional support to trauma affected children and families. The work was initiated in response to the Tsunami in December 2004 when Keith and Pam felt challenged to do more than give money.

PAMELA J POLLEN (B.Sc. Hons., Adv Dip Counselling, MBACP) is a qualified counsellor with experience of working with children and adults.

Keith Pollen is the chairman trustee of the Registered Charity (Number 1121160).

During their first mission to Sri Lanka after the Tsunami, Pam and Keith found that individuals and families responded positively when she helped children use paintings and drawings to express their emotions.

Keith and Pam then decided to explore ways to enable more people to receive the much needed emotional help and this developed into this very special charity.



Christmas appeal 2017




to donate go to https://my.give.net/mattressappeal






Christmas gifts are purchased in Colombo with money donated by supporters.

The children decorate their own bags which are filled with gifts and given out on Christmas Day



The educational equipment needed for the next term was purchased with donations from supporters





The purpose of these visits is for Pam to use her counselling skills with children who come from difficult backgrounds and despite having very smilely faces they have hidden and painful emotions. Providing treats for these children is also part of their healing.



Hope in SriLanka volunteers take part in the annual Rotary Club abseil to raise funds fro the Christmas Presents and Educational Supplies






The latest ministry trip (9 people self-funded to join with Pam and Keith)


Volunteers decorating the boy's dormitory -before and after


Holiday Club for 100+ children




The team volunteers fundraised throughout the year to provide tee shirts, lunches, transport and the craft materials for the Holiday Club



Children in their tee shirts waiting for the Holiday Club


Children listening to a story   Glitter hands




A time to play - Children enjoying craft activities


A time to eat - rice and curry delivered in a packet


A time to pray






A time to paint









During each trip Pam and Keith spend time with the children at the orphanage helping children with therapeutic craft, music and drama activities.



Therapy using clay







Hope in Sri Lanka arranged a special fun day out that was sponsored by Madison's fund raising

Sixty children were collected by bus and taken to a large park in Colombo



Where they had breakfast before games commenced






Here the sixty children are watching the ducks diving under the water - they had never seen this and were amazed




As part of the fun day the children were taken to McDonalds - Hope in Sri Lanka paid for the food and McDonalds provided facepainting and icecream and organised party games


Pam and Keith will be visiting the orphanage in February for further educational and therepeutic workshop if you would like to donate towards or sponsor this trip follow the link


If you would like to help raise funds to help then contact us email



For more information or to simply donate













Contributions to the work of Hope In Sri Lanka are always welcome.

Contact details for Hope in Sri Lanka, 66 Forest Edge, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5AB, +44 (0)208 5046870 Email pam.pollen@hopeinsrilanka.com

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Registered Charity Number 1121160